At Rocked we deliver crystal clear, hand-cut, artisanal block ice to the masses for use in creating and appreciating beverages, but never to distract, only to heighten and improve the drinking experience.

The advent and rise of commercial ice machines made the once ubiquitous profession of ice harvesting nearly obsolete, but we find strength in time-honoured traditions for the benefits outweigh the challenges. Modelled on Mother Nature we mimic the process of a frozen lake and flip it on its head. Using patented Clinebell machines (originally intended for ice sculptors) we slowly, painstakingly, freeze 140 kilogram blocks over the course of 3-5 days. From there we use our saws to cut down these massive blocks into various sizes.

Using triple filtered water in the Clinebell machines makes all the difference as they circulate and agitate the water to force impurities to the surface leaving clear, big ice. Big ice that won’t dilute your drink, won’t change the flavour of your drink, and will keep your drink colder for longer.

It is a time consuming and labour intensive process but well worth the wait. Oh, and our ice is really, really, really pretty. We are a family owned and operated company, providing frozen water all over Perth.  Got Ice? Stay Cool.


We offer ice! Our primary focus is crystal clear, hand-cut, artisanal ice. Our standard list should provide you with all that you need whether it be for a bar, restaurant, special event or home bar. Should you want a different size please get in touch, anything is possible.


• The Gem – After one G ‘n’ T with these little Gems there is no going back
• The Large and The Small Rock – Is there a better way to chill that drink on The Rocks?
• The Large and The Small Stone  –  For the true lover of a perfectly balanced Old Fashioned
• The Spear  –  How else do you drink a Tom Collins?


Please see our Rocked Specification Pricing and Safe Keeping Package for further details.


We deliver to Perth metro, Western Australia. Should you require an order outside of this area, please give us a poke to discuss.


Now to get that ice to you there are two options! The simplest and easiest for you being to arrange delivery through us direct to your door. Place an order and we’ll be able to deliver it to you our scheduled day – Thursday. A small delivery fee of $20 will apply.

The standard delivery time is from 10am to 4pm. We can deliver outside of that window for a higher fee, as well as weekends.

*** Orders must be received by close of business Tuesday in order to make shipment on Thursday***


Or you’re welcome to swing by our home in Bibra Lake and pick it up yourself!


Too much of a hassle to order? We can set you up on a recurring schedule with a standing order, simply adjust as needed, whatever makes your life the easiest. We know how difficult it can be to order and order on time, we hope that standing orders can alleviate some of those troubles.

∼ For all orders please email us at poke@rocked.net.au ∼




Here at Rocked working with and supporting local business is something we do. We look to build long term, lasting relations and are lucky enough to call the following our mates.

Bar Lafayette  –  Long Chim  –  Wildflower  –  Mello House  –  Tiny’s Bar  –  Mechanics Institute Bar   –  Varnish on King  –  Goody Two’s Bar  –   Rockpool Bar and Grill  –   Shy John  –  Bobeche Bar  –  Clarence’s Bar  –  Strange Company Bar  –  QT Hotel  –  Market Grounds Bar   –  Billie H Supper Wine Bar  –  The Camfield Bar  –  El Grotto  –  100 Proof  –  Palace Arcade  –  Armani  –  Old Faithful  –  Helvetica Bar  –  Campari Australia  –  Ronnie Nights  –  Ficus  –  Sweetwater Rooftop Bar  –  Bar Bizu